Домой ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ ARO optics careers and quality optics

ARO optics careers and quality optics


Laser flatness measurement

Controlling the geometry of mating parts with the declared accuracy is a very important task for mechanical engineering, energy, metallurgy, chemical, and other industries. This is especially an important task when installing new equipment and carrying out repair and commissioning work. The possibility of further adjustment of the machine or other equipment depends on the laser flatness measurement of the foundation. this affects the distribution of forces during the operation of the machines. The flatness of the flanges or the parallelism of the rolls must be checked at regular intervals. Today, horizontal and vertical leveling with high accuracy and measurement speed, especially at long distances, is an expensive and difficult task. Every day it has to be solved by service companies at enterprises of all industries.ARO offers to use a modern high-precision laser alignment system for equipment geometry laser Level series to solve any problems of controlling the geometric parameters of industrial equipment.Our basic precision laser level is used to measure deviations from flatness, straightness, perpendicularity, and parallelism. The rotating laser beam sets the plane, and the digital receiver registers the deviation of the laser beam in a radius of up to 60 meters (diameter of the measurement area is up to 120m). Highly sensitive components combine high measurement accuracy, self-alignment, and sensitivity. The measurement accuracy meets all the requirements that engineers who are engaged in machine installation, adjustment, and commissioning make to modern systems.

Optics careers

Working at ARO not only allows you to work for one of the largest optical companies and suppliers of the best optical equipment. Here you will only work with the latest and most advanced equipment in a team of qualified professionals. Here you will have a stable salary, a pleasant atmosphere and all the conditions for comfortable work and optics careers. We take a responsible approach to the safety of our employees and their comfort. Therefore, if you want to contact a company that manufactures and sells the highest quality optical equipment, then at ARO you will have the opportunity to build an ideal career.

Quality optics

One of the very important parameters that can be found in the technical descriptions of binoculars, telescopes, and telescopes is the optical enlightenment. As is known, the antireflection coating of the lenses increases the light transmittance of an optical device. So, to reduce the amount of scattered and reflected light from the surface of optical elements of the structure of binoculars, telescopes, telescopes, microscopes, sights, and other optical devices, special coatings are applied to the surface of lenses and prisms of the air-glass interface — films.Optical lenses are optical components designed for focusing and diverging light. Optical lenses, which can consist of one or more elements, are used in a variety of applications from microscopy to laser processing. Many industries use optical lenses, including life sciences, images, industry, or defense. When light passes through the lens, it is affected by the profile of the lens or substrate. Alpine optics offers a wide range of quality optics in various versions of substrates or coatings. Substrates include optical glasses, fused quartz, plastic, and IR material. Shapes include spherical singlet, doublet, triplet, (half) balls, domes, in addition to cylindrical or aspheric lenses.


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